Pakistan Forest Institute
Peshawar, Pakistan

Pulp & Paper

This branch conducts education and research in pulp and paper products. In general the activities of this branch include the following

  • Testing local woods for their use in pulp and paper products.
  • Developing economical pulping techniques for manufacturing different grades of paper from, low quality woods.
  • Developing different pulp furnishes for producing various grades of paper for substituting imported products.
  • This branch consists of a Senior Pulp and Paper Officer and two Pulp and Paper Officers. This branch also imparts education in pulp and paper technology to B.Sc. and M.Sc. students.

Current Research & Programme:

  • Testing of local raw materials for pulp and paper.
  • Determination of properties of paper from commercial pulp, wood pulp and their mixtures.
  • Conduct pulp and paper industry survey in Pakistan.
  • Investigation of chemical composition of local timbers.

Significant Achievements:

  • Economical techniques were developed to produce standard quality pulp and paper products from low quality woods of eucalypts, poplars, ipil ipil and bamboos. Pulping and paper making parameters for this raw material were determined after a number of trials for establishing local pulp and paper industry on locally produced wood raw material of eucalypts, poplars, bamboos, etc.
  • With a view to substitute imports and save foreign exchange on long fibre pulp, locally available, wood of Chir pine (Pinus roxburghii) was tested for producing standard quality long fibre pulp in laboratory and mill scale studies. It was found that long fibre pulp could be produced in the local pulp mills for reducing dependence on imported pulp.