Pakistan Forest Institute
Peshawar, Pakistan

Forest Pathology

Although the work on different pathological problems of forest trees and their control remained continued since the inception of the country in 1947 but the systematic study of various diseases of forests and their impact on the yield and quality of forest produce was started with the creation of Forest Pathology Branch on 14.6.1977 in the Institute. Forest Pathology Branch of the Institute has conducted various studies under different projects assisted by the National and International agencies. The branch is responsible for conducting research on various aspects of beneficial and harmful microbial agents occurring in different forest Eco-systems, and also responding to inquiries raised by different agencies; maintaining Forest Pathology Herbarium with the collection of more then 3500 specimens of pathological importance collected from through out Pakistan during the last 50 years. The Branch has published more than 75 papers on forest health. Besides, the branch is imparting education and training on forest Mycology and Pathology to Forestry students, trainees of Forest Departments, NGOs, along with supervising the thesis work of the students.

Significant Achievements:

  • The reconnaissance and intensive surveys of different forest areas in Pakistan revealed the occurrence of a number of disease causing pathogens on various forest trees.