Pakistan Forest Institute
Peshawar, Pakistan

Forest Chemistry

Forest Chemistry Branch of the Pakistan Forest Institute, Peshawar was established in 1960 with the aims to conduct research on many important disciplines connected with forests and forestry research i.e. wood chemistry, chemical screening of aromatic and medicinal plants, soil analysis and evaluation of nutritive value of forages, forbs and grasses.


  • Chemical analysis of wood and wood components and other byproducts related to wood.
  • Chemical screening of medicinal and aromatic plants etc. for determining their suitability for utilization by pharmaceutical, cosmetic and allied industries.
  • Determination of site quality for planting trees under various ecological zones based on physico-chemical characteristics of soils including saline and water-logged areas.
  • Chemical analysis for nutritive value of forages, forbs and grasses to evaluate the feasibility for selection of better strains of grasses, forbs etc., based on their chemical composition and additive value to livestock.
  • Recommendations based on the chemical evaluation are made for the industries concerned.
  • Imparting training and education to the students of MSc & BSc Forestry classes.